Friday, June 20, 2008


On Tuesday, June 10th, we swam in the pool and then ventured out to a natural spring just outside of Orlando. It was rather scarry to swim across the deep hole where the spring water was coming out, but we did it! Anna and Lyle even swam down into the spring!!

We headed out to the Magic Kingdom on Wednesday, June 11th, after relaxing at the condo on Tuesday. The first stop was the Haunted Mansion and we hit all the favorite rides....Buzz Lightyear for Blaine, Space Mountain for Lyle and Bruce, and Splash Mountain for Anna. We started the day running, and never stopped. Well, except for Blaine, who found a comfy place to rest while we were having lunch. He pushed a few chairs together and decided to sleep for a while! Good thing, we were at the park until 11 pm!!
It was a really long and exhausting day!

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Aaron&Janelle said...

What fun pictures. The kids have grown up so much since I use to watch them.