Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reyes/Andrew Sleepover

Madeline and Anna were holding Lillian hostage in bed.

Madeline and Jack came over last night for a slumber party. This morning Jack said to Blaine, "My bertday is gonna be soon." Blaine said, "Mine, too. On Sadooday. (It's not on Saturday.) I going to be 5." Then Jack said, " And then we will be 6 in a lotta days."

Jack continued, "My mom said that we are going to Rainy Lake every sumoo. Do you know what they have thayo (there) , Blaine? Soda!" Blaine said, "I want ta go dare!" "You know what else they have?" , Jack asked. " What?" "Wadoo.!" (Water)
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schoolgirl said...

Hello to you and your new-ish blog! Yoour kids are sooo cute! how are you? Whatcha up to these days? Leroy's coming out next week; wish I were too so we could catch up.