Friday, May 16, 2008

First Invitational of the Season


Gary Kostbade and Lyle. Gary won 1st place high point for the 10 and unders. Lyle missed third place by 1 point to Hamoodi. Good job guys!

Here is Anna on Saturday....she did GREAT! She won 3 of her 5 heats and placed in the top 12 in all of her events except one. She cut time off of every every event!

Here is Lyles swimming the 100 Free. He is at the bottom of the screen in Lane 6.

Tonight was day one of the first invitational this season. Anna swam the 200 free and cut 17!!!! seconds off of her old time and got a 2:57.something. She beat Lyle who got a 3:00.23. She told him he needs to quit bragging! Lyle also swam the 200 IM. His strokes looked really good, but he added a few seconds. He and Hamoodi were neck and neck, and Hamoodi barely out touched him.

Blaine was a dream at the meet. I'm so sad that he is growing up so fast, but I have to admit, it is nice to have him out of those terrible 2's and 3's....especially when you have to sit at a swim meet for 4 hours!!

Bruce decided to demolish the front two windows this morning! It was a big job, but he got it done. We were able to go to sleep tonight without a big gaping hole in the house. Darn! I should have taken pictures.

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