Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm back!!! May 11, 2008

Blaine in his fablulous crab hat that he made at the Field Station pre-school.

So I haven't written for ages because I couldn't figure out how to get back into this thing. After many painful emails, I finally succeeded in finding passwords, usernames, etc. Quite the security precautions.

Anna has been busy fundraising at Pine School. She is the Student Council President, and organized a Hats On For Kids with Cancer Day, to help our friend Hannah Prokop, who was battling brain cancer. Hannah started her own fund, called Hannah's Cans for Cancer, and Anna helped raise $500 to send to her fund. Hannah buys toys and art materials for Children's Hospitals with the money that she raises. She has already donated two WIIs! Hannah is in the middle and her sister Colby is on the left. Hannah and Colby were visiting their Grandma and Grandpa for spring break and took some time to come over to Pine School and speak to the students about their experiences with Hannah's illness.

It was very interesting when, during the question and answer time, one little boy raised his hand and said he didn't have a question, but wanted to give some advice. He said, "If your life really s***s (a word that I was sure would get a reprimand from his didn't) don't commit suicide because it isn't worth it." OK. Hannah's mom, Kim, looked at me and I didn't know WHERE to look. His last comment of the day was about guns being pointed at you and how to avoid getting shot! Oh dear.

Today is Mother's day and we had a lovely day. Stacy, Miles and kids came over along with Brother John's. The missionaries were supposed to join us, too, but got hung up somewhere. The kids were excited about their gifts for everyone.....I love them so much. I'll close with some pictures.

Here is Anna and Sarah in Berlin, quite intrigued with the City Pissoir!

Geoff and the girls in Paris.

This is Anna's artistic view of Flint.

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