Monday, May 12, 2008

Stealing Pictures

I was looking at Kimberly Fowler's blog tonight and decided to borrow a couple of her pictures. At Christmas time, the Primary acted out the Nativity and did a marvelous job. It was the best Christmas program we have had at our branch.

Anna was Mary and Lyle was one of the Wisemen. Kimberly said that Paige was "thrilled to squeeze into her cow costume one more time." Thought that was pretty funny.

Blaine continues to grow and grow. His favorite things to say when he is mad at you are: "You penis" or "pee pee". I am also not his friend about a million times a day and I'm also a bad boy just as many times. Oh, how I love that little boy.

Anna was up late doing homework tonight. We went to visit Westchester Intermediate School today to see if she might like to go there. Hmmm......paying $2100 for a public school education seems so rediculous. We are going to take a look at Barker next week. Decisions, decisions.

Lyle was invited to got to the enrichment camp that Anna went to last Summer. I think we can just sign both kids up, even if not invited. We'll see....we have such a busy summer ahead of us with Swimming, traveling, possible weddings (Margit) and reunions.

Did I mention how much I love my kids?

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